Events as personalized as your signature.

Signature Affair

Availability and Mobility~

Call us and we will work around your schedule and event. Our company allows us to cater and have access to a numerous amount of venues and facilities. Unfortunately, some venues such as a hotel are exclusive some do require that you use their banquet services.

We will gladly go where we are able to!


Need help planning the event? We got you covered. We can assist with needed resources (florists, cakes, music, valets etc.), your event layout and logistics. On the day of your event, Signature Affair will be there to insure that all vendors you have selected follow through as discussed. The bottom line is we want to take on your role of host and you get all the credit.

What We Propose~

Four categories are addressed: food, beverage, event staffing and rental. Time will also be taken to line-item decor, entertainment, valet etc., if requested. Once you have had the opportunity to review this initial draft, the next step will be for you to share any and all feedback for the purpose of needed alterations. We want, what you want.

About Us:

Full Service Catering~

Can't find our menus and what we offer? Good.

Each of our events is truly "tailored to you." This is not just an empty sales line. We want to take the time to meet you, find out what you love, when and where your event will be, and the overall atmosphere you want it to have, and any budgetary considerations. This is accomplished through our initial meeting. Following this meeting, Signature Affair will put together a detailed proposal of what to expect.

-It was a goal for Mimi to be able to offer clients the option to express their vision of the perfect party.

-Mimi has been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years.

-She started Signature Affair in 2002.

About Mimi Bass~